Sikai Ltd (Sikai™ Group) is a private limited holding company whose primary purpose and core business is to invest in and manage other subsidiary companies specialising in Renewable Energy Technologies (RET), Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and Telecommunications.

We are active
in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the SADC/COMESA region.




Sikai™ Group’s innovative investments in clean energy include solar electric power systems, energy-efficient lighting for low-income households; solar powered water pumps; solar heated hot water systems; and plans for wind power projects; small hydropower plant development; and biomass power plants.

Diaspora – I am one of many Southern Africans
currently working and living abroad who need
services ‘back home’ for their family, their loved
one, their businesses or their community.
SikaiSOLAR™ will do everything for you in a professional manner.

Go Solar with Sikai Energy™ in Zimbabwe or South Africa

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SADC region – rural or urban - locally based
individuals, communities, businesses, NGOs, schools, clinics, pharmacies, safari lodges, hotels, churches, civic institutions etc.

Solar Powered Vaccine Refrigerators

Technical Assistance and Consulting Services for NGOs and International Development Institutions

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